rough edges on type and inconsistency

Hello again,

I’ve been having some weird problems with the program.

For example when I choose the line tool and go to the tool properties in order to change the line’s width, all of a sudden my chosen tool is replaced with the zoom tool and I can’t change it to anything else…I actually need to restart the program in order for it to work correctly again.

Sadly there’s more where that came from.
My biggest problem now though, is unclear rough edges around my object and texts. In the pic attached you can see two clouds with texts on them.
the first cloud (top one with the text: design) looks good, but the one beneath it (with the text: UX/UI) look terrible (needless to mention that the were both made the same exact way).
Would really appreciate a solution to this problem cause it’s really preventing me from moving on.
could it have anything to do with the duration of the video (all tough you can see it in the program as well). Anyway my video is currently a 140 frame long with a frame rate of 24 frame per second (if that could at all be related).

For your fist issue, I never experienced this before but try changing the shortcut to Animate/Animate Pro in properties>shortcut tab if it was set as Flash. And then try again.
For the image, depending on which version of Animate/Animate Pro you are using and the effects and also the original image might cause a distortion or other effect. Try without any gradient and also make sure if any of effects (especially the cutter exporting to SWF) causes it. You can compare the result in SWF or Mov (or soft render - render view) to compare.
If none of them helps your issue, you better contact support.