i have been trying to import a wide screen format of video into toon boom. I have set the camera size at the start to match that of the video, however in the ‘default’ screen view the video is squished into the grid size and i can’t find any way to resize it. In the ‘scene planning’ view i can resize it but this doesn’t affect the ‘default view’ and it remains the same. have i missed something obvious?

thanks. :smiley:

anyone??? lol.

What is the resolution of the import?

What is the camera size of your project?
[Edit/ToonBoomStudio > Animation Properties]

Which version of TBS are you using?
What OS are you on?



Not sure as to the resolution, but its just normal video, no HD or anything. It was exported from final cut as 720 x 576. and a .mov file.

camera size is 720x 576.

Its version 5 of toon boom studio that i’m using.
Its on the newest iMac operating system.


Thank you for the info.

I tried to reproduce what you described and found that my imported movie looked the same in the drawing view and camera view.

You can try shift +V to reset the view on the window that you see it as squished in… If this does not resolve your issue, please feel free to send a screenshot to