rotoscoping and light table

When I import an image sequence to use as the basis for a rotoscoped animation, the image sequence always has a white wash over the top that makes it impossible to see details. I messed around with the prefrerences, but no luck. It doesn’t appear to be a light table problem. Any type of image imported has a white wash…Is there a way to change this?

I don’t remember having this problem with Toon Boom 4.


Hi margusG, are you working with Animate or Animate Pro? I use Animate Pro and have no problems seeing any imported images if I check the box “Enable onion skin with other elements” under the drawing tab in preferences and make sure both the light table button and onion skin buttons are on in the drawing view. Also, have you tried changing the light table wash and opacity settings in the drawing tab in the preferences?

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I’m using Animate.

Your questions actually prompted me to return to prefs (where I had messed with the drawing options before), but this time I looked under camera and there’s an option called “wash background percentage” which was set to 70. I moved it to 0 and voila!

Thanks for the help.