Rotational increments

I asked before about rotating a drawing in Animate 2 using the Wacom Intuous 5 touch ring. After viewing a ‘tip’ video kindly linked to by Mark, I have achieved this.

However, the rotation goes through 90 degrees in only 3, that is 30 degree increments. These are far too big to be particularly useful so I was wondering if there is a way of making ‘rotate’ work in smaller increments, say perhaps 1 or 5 or 10 degrees.


…I note that these 30 degree increments only occur with the Wacom touch wheel rotation and not the Animate Ctrl + Alt rotation…which is smooth…

The way that the touch ring works is that you can map a shorcut to it. The shortcuts to rotate CW and CCW are in 30 degree increments only.

You can always map a button on the intuos to the Ctrl+Alt shortcut, and then click and drag similar to how you would with a keyboard, but this isn’t using the touch ring.

FYI with Animate 3, there’s now a preference you can turn on to enable Touch on the Intuos 5. Then you can use two-finger pinch and rotate functionalities just like on any trackpad.


Thanks Lilly. Does the Intuous 5 touch ring with the appropriate shortcut mapped to it, only rotate in 30 degree impliments in Animate 3 as it does in 2?