Rotation pivot point handle lenght?

Is there a way to adjust the length of the “control arm” that you use to rotate an element in the scene planning view.

I 'm working with cutout characters and i am using the rotation tool to adjust the parts. When I set the pivot point I drag it to the place i need it (say an elbow joint) but the handle of the pivot becomes very long. This is problematic because i may be zoomed in on a character and want to move an element but the handle is so long it is out of my frame and I have to zoom out to get to it.

Is there a way to change the length of this control arm or adjust the circle it is riding along?


Normally people don’t actually use that rotation handle when animating, they normally would be using the transform tool which has a very short handle and in V4 you don’t even need to use that handle either because you can rotate the part from any corner grab handle of the transform tool.

The rotation tool is most useful for two purposes. First to set rotational pivot points as you are doing to set up your character rig. Second, you select the rotation tool when you want to delete a rotation keyframe from a group of keyframes without deleting the other types of keyframes in the group (scale, location, skew). But for actual animating you will do 99% of the movements using the transform tool. I hope this helps. -JK

Oh I wasn’t aware of that - i thought you used the rotation tool for rotating… okay well you learn something new everyday…