rotating symbols distorts them

Hi there!

Im probably being extremely thick…but when animating say for instance an arm on my cutout figure, as soon as I rotate it upwards it seems to become thinner and at times longer.

Ive tried using the rotate tool, transform tool and tried them both on a symbol and drawing layer.

thanks in advance for any help you may be able to lend.

Can you give us an example scene or video? I can’t see why it would do that.
Do you have a single layer on which it does that?
When you do a perfect circle by hold Shift does it look round or oval? If it’s oval maybe its your monitor that is streching the images.

Thank you so much. When you mentioned the sphere shape instead of a circle it all made sense.My resolution has been changed in accordance and my drawings are stretched vertically as a result lol. What a plonker I am. Thanks again for your help.