rotate view tool shortcut

I can’t find a shortcut to select the rotate view tool (the one in the zoom and hand box). Is there one for windows? If not can I make one somehow?
I would like to keystroke the command to my wacom pad.

Just answered the same question in another tyread:;action=display;threadid=3719

You find the shortcuts in the prferences, go to the top menu- Animate Pro- Preferences - Shortcuts. You will not find the rotate tool there. For mac that is cmd+alt.

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so there is no shortcut for rotate view in windows?

is there a way to make a shortcut?

I think there is the same possibility in windows.Since I don’t have windows I don’t know exactly which keys.
Please try by your self. Probably a combination of two keys to the left of the space key(tab).The rotary icon will fill the screen, so you can’t miss it when you find it.
It will not change to rotate canvas, but as long as you hold them pressed you can rotate the canvas.
You ad the combination to a button on your tablet.

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thanks for your comments.

but i’m hoping someone knows the answer… because just pounding out a bunch of key combinations hoping to find the right shortcut is a recipe for disaster for a newb like me.

On my mac there are only 4 keys on the row to the left of the space tab.( the long tab/key on the row closest to you on the key board.
I would expect the combination to be there, as it is on the mac.
This will leave you to try out 7 combinations. That will take you a fraction of the time it has taken me to write this answers.
If you have been reading my answers this is already written there.
On the mac it is the two keys closest to the space bar on the left side.
Please try these first.

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Ctrl + Alt on Windows.

I meant to thank you for that. so… thank you

If you’re using Apple’s Mac OS X (not Windows), you can create application wide or system wide shortcut which enable you to turn the menu command into shortcut that meant exactly what you wanted originally. I just assigned cmd+3 and cm+4 for rotate View CW and rotate View CCW in this way. That is why I love Apple’s products. Macbook, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro. In System Preferences of Yosemite, you can use Application shortcut in Keyboard icon in this way!!!


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I can’t believe Toon Boom hasn’t fixed this problem in 5 years! When I work on a tablet, it is a nuisance to keep bringing up the keyboard to use keyboard shortcuts. I need to constantly go between rotate and hand, and sometimes zoom, and find it annoying I have to slow my work flow to point at the icon to switch to another tool. There should be a “tear off” feature so I can have a floating pallet with all three tools easily accessible at the same time. How hard can this be to fix?

Animate was discontinued a few years ago.

Have you read the user guide?

You can customize the tool bars and have all three icons visible at all times.