Rotate handle goes away mid animation

I’m working on a cutout animation, character in question is just a head and body. While in rotate mode everything goes along fine until frame 173 when the rotate handle just disappears. That’s for the body. When the head is being worked on, the rotate handle goes away at frame 164.

The body is the child of a peg, and the head is the child of the body

This is Toon Boom 5.0 on a Mac Mini


I suspect that you are trying to do rotations using the rotation tool. That tool is normally only used to adjust and set the rotational pivot point before you start keyframing. The better tool to use to animate rotations is the transform tool (7). It allows you to rotate the object from any of its corner bounding points and it also has the ability to allow you to temporarily reposition the pivot point without effecting prior rotational key frames. Just a suggestion for your workflow. -JK

Thanks for the reply. It’s true I was using the rotation tool, but the corner bounding points go away for the transform tool on the same frame, so I suspect some other issue. Other elements are not affected this way. It’s very strange