Rotate Drawing View 2D vs 3D

I would just like to understand something.

I customized a Hand Drawing Workspace beginning with the default HDA.

When I went to use the Rotate Drawing tool it only produced a 3D spherical graphic and not the rectangular 2D tool shown on page 250 in the user guide. When I went back to the default HDA it was available.

What would be different about a workspace that would produce this situation? I could not bring up the rectangular 2D graphic using any keyboard shortcut or menu item. It was always the 3D graphic.

I read that in order to use the 3D you have to “enable the 3D option” in Timeline but it was not enabled.

This is especially odd behavior to me given that I had used the default Hand Drawing Animation Workspace to create my customized workspace and did not build a workspace from scratch or something else.

The problem with that 3D graphic is there seems to be no constraints so all gestures moved in 3D making the tool a hinderance for 2D drawing. I could not constrain it to a movement that kept the drawing surface perpendicular to the display screen. Actually I would find the lack of constraints a hinderance using it with 3D objects as well.

I went back to using the default Hand Drawing Workspace and am manually shifting everything each time just so I have the rectangular 2D graphic available.

I’ve only encountered the 3D rotate tool when working in perspective view rather than drawing or camera view. Perhaps that’s the problem!

That’s it.

Thank you!