rotate camera problem

using mac- SBpro 4.2 .Static camera.
I want to block out a 3 panel camera rotate. The drawing window doesn’t seem to allow me to straighten up the view . I have tried every option in reset stage view , reset view etc but it has no effect .
So in my drawing window the shot can only be viewed at the rotated angle .
If I go into pitch mode it does straighten up . Which is the desired effect I need in drawing mode.
This used to work fine in older versions .

Any Ideas ? Have I simply missed something here ?

There is only a camera in the Stage/Camera View.
A camera will have no effect on the drawing view.

thanks for the reply rkriz.
Not sure whether I explained the problem well. Are you telling me I cannot select the rotated camera view in the drawing workspace , press a button and see what that camera would look like .

Toon boom has always had this function in the past . I don’t see why i can’t see my camera in the drawing workspace . I need to see it in the drawing workspace please .

Without this I will be forced to rotate the drawing layers instead ( not desirable )
This can’t be a difficult problem to solve surely .


I though you were talking about the drawing window.
Can you make a screenshot, I think I’m having trouble
visualizing the problem.

If you’re asking what I think you’re asking, you need to add a Camera
view tab to the sub window that has the Stage/Drawing view. The
Camera View is supporsed to look at the panels from the point of
view of the Camera. The Stage View by contrast shows the project
canvas (unless you zoom-in, rotate or pan the view and forget to reset).