roller coaster

For a roller coaster animation, I want a car to go down a coil that’s around a pole. As it goes down the coil, I’d like the car to appear in front of the pole, then in back of it, then in front, then back, several times in quick succession. Any suggestions on how to do this? (I know I could just delete the car from cells when it’s behind the pole, but wonder if there’s a better solution.) I’m using TBS 6. Thanks.

You can delete the can from time to time by duplicating and edit the drawings to match with pole.
Or you can use the mask and z-value using peg to move. You can set up the mask (or cutter) for the pole so that the roller coaster show cut as if it was in behind. You can either set the mask for the pole and play the z value of the roller to pass front and behind the pole (mask) by creating a key frame and set little bit back depending on your animation or you can use the timing of the mask to turn on/off in timing while the roller coaster just go left and right (downwards) in same z depth. The only thing you need to take case of is when the roller coaster is tuning on both side since it is 2d animation.

Thanks much, Juho. I remember a couple years ago, when TBS 6 first came out, you helped me with a Lab installation and getting customized shortcuts to work. Thanks again for that, too.