Robo Skeletons in Harmony

Is it possible to use a Robo Skeleton in Harmony?

Another way to ask this question is, I’m trying to understand is it possible to save riggings or skeletal levels of a rigged system so that i can use it with other character drawings I’m doing? I’m wondering if the laborious tasks of rigging/networking must be involved in each drawing, especially drawing of a common nature (e.g. two legs, two arms, torso, etc.) or can this level of the work be saved an applied to a new character drawing?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Hi rshanlon

Creating a template for naming and hirarch before drawing at all.

Create all the elements and name them in the left compartment of the timeline.
Drag the elements on to each other to create the hierarchy.
If you want pegs for each drawing element, add it by selecting all the elements and then press the far right + sign in top of the timeline’s left compartment…
Add a topmost peg.
Collapse the structure by pressing the angle left to the name of the topmost peg. Name it as convenient.
Open the library window, right click on Animate Pro Library and select Right To Modify.
Drag the topmost peg to the library window. When a + sign appear drop it. A pop up window appear, and ask you to name the template.
Name it press OK.
Next time you want to create a character,open the Library and drag it to the timeline.
Use a drawing or imported image as reference while you draw or paste in the elements. Then you will have to set all pivots and adjust the layers in z-dept.

There are a lot of ways to create characters. Import ready layered images, import an image and cut it to create elements or design the elements directly in Animate /Animate Pro
I usually use quite simple rigs. But if you use the advanced ones like in the video tutorials, it would be nice to hear if thou manage to work it out also for those. Would be really nice not to clean up the bones by deleting extra bones for IK ++, but I have not found a way for that.

Best regards

Thank you for your help, ivaar! I will try this to see how it works! I was hoping this was possible.

There is a really simple program out there called CrazyTalk Animator as well as Toon Boom Studio’s Robo Skeletons that seem to make this easy for a beginner. I was hoping that a more detailed program like Harmony would allow such control.

I like the detailed work but I also want the advantage of template quickness for certain projects.

Thank you again for the details!