Robo skeleton Studio 7

How can I flip the Robo skeleton to walk from right to left?

Attach a peg to the top of the character and set the X-axis scale to -1 which will flip the image.

Hi rkriz,
Thank you for your reply.
I do not understand where to add the peg. Do you mean the puppet ?
Next time you get a chance, please explain exactly where to add the peg.
I very much appreciate your help.

Add a peg to the timeline (2nd to last icon at the top of the timeline window) with all your character’s elements selected or add a peg to the timeline with nothing selected and instead select and drop your character onto the peg.

You will know you have succeeded when the other element’s names are indented compared to the peg. Also, the peg should then have a triangular icon before the name to indicate that something is attached to the peg.

Hi rkriz
Many many thanks,
It worked.
I really appreciate your help.
All the best to you and best regards