Robo-Skeleton animation

What’s the best way to extend a walk cycle animated using the premade Robo-Skeleton, e.g. Human side running?
Should I copy the cells or use Change loop or use Create Cycle? Unfortunately I can’t get it to work unless I copy the cells.

You should be able to do it using “Change Loops”. Try collapsing the rig so that only its master peg is showing and then perform a “Change Loops” on the selected range of frames of the collapsed master peg.

I tried this: I inserted Robo-Skeleton/Human/Side/ “Walking.tbt” which will occupy 23 frames in Timeline and collapsed it so that I only saw the frames of the masterpeg ”human side-walk. I selected all 23 frames in Timeline and set the “Change-Loops” to 4 loops. The walking animation will after that occupy 89 frames but keyframes only in the first 23 frames. The rest 66 are just colored blue without keyframes.
If I then play the animation the walking stops after frame 23. The man is standing still the last 66 frames. No matter what I do I can’t get him to walk more than the first 23 frames.

You will need to contact to send them your project to see where you went wrong.

If you try it with the default “Octopus Animation” scene you will see that it works. You can then compare it with what you did with the Robo Skeleton Human Side Running animation to see what is different in the two methods.

I tried the “Octopus_animation”. Collapsed so the peg is what I see. I selected it in timeline from frame 2 to 69 and performed “Change-loops” and enter 2 loops. And exactly the same happened. No keyframes were copied. The Octopus stopped moving the legs up and down after frame 69.
Do I have an issue with my software or what? Am I doing something wrong?

When you “Change Loops” the blue bar of the mater peg (simply called “Peg” in this scene) should extend in the timeline. Do you see this happening or not?

Yes the Peg will be extended in timeline and the child layers will also be extended. But the keyframes in the child layers will not be copied to the extended part in timeline. This is not a specific TBS 7.1 problem the former version TBS 7.0 has the same behavior. And it is not for a specific project. It happens every time. I use the Mac version on iMac 27"
I have contacted Toonboom support for this problem as you suggested.