right to modify networking

I am trying to set up a network for me and my coworker so we can share a library over the network. I created a new library on a server, I can unlock it fine but when he tries to unlock it shows a message “Folder is all ready locked by someone else, do you want to force the lock.” than he clicks yes and it says its read only.

We are both using animate pro 2, also he can save template in his own library, than outside of Toon Boom copy the template from his library into our shared library folder, this works but isn’t really ideal.

Any thoughts?

If you’re wanting to share libraries, then you might want to consider upgrading to Harmony, which was built for this purpose. Trying to do so in Animate Pro may result in some issues, as you have seen. The reason is that in order to prevent corruption of files, only one computer can have the lock on a folder at a given time.

Toon Boom Support