right order

hello guys,

im having some problems with the order of work
and i need to learn the right way to do things,

first i drew my background, in the right place, in all axis

but i did my characters in a place that isnt the final place
(wrong X, Y and Z position)
in that place, i animated the walk, and made the cicles,
after this, i added the peg layer to move them through the scene

but when i placed them to the right place, in the begining of the frames
the characters walks in my screen and finish to the first and unwanted place

there is a way to fix this without losing my finished walk?
and how i should work to avoid this problem?


What you seem to be looking for is the Animate mode.

If you look in your Tools toolbar, you will see a yellow button called Animate mode. To reposition something without animating it, you must DISABLE this option.

Then with the Transform tool, you can reposition your animation.

When the Animate mode is on, it creates keyframes which creates your animation.



thang God its so simple!

its my first animation
i was using the PLE version
but i bought the TBA at the yesterday’s promotion

so, i have tons to learn

thanks a lot!

Glad to know we have a new user! :slight_smile:

To help you start, you can watch the series of tutorial videos available on the following pages:


You can also go through a couple of short exercises in the Getting Started Guide.

You can get the book and the sample material on the following pages:

And of course, we will always be happy to help you out over here!


i know these tutorials

but sometimes my doubts are quite specific
and i come right to here,

but the tutorials helps me a lot

one more time, thanks