I was reading about Anime Studio 5 and how it has the ability to rig your characters for animation. Is there anything like that for Toon Boom Studio 4.5?

*New user of Toom Boom Studio - 1st post.



There is a possibility to rig a character inside Toon Boom Studio. If you want more information you should investigated on Cut-out throughout the forum or the available tutorials in the eLearning section of the products.



In a very short description, Toon Boom cut out rigged technique consist to divide the character into individual parts, each in a separate layer (named element), copy and paste on a new drawing element the new object from the master. Rigg these parties is subordinate to one another as sublayers of the parent element from which all depend on their children (sublayers) It is necessary to relocate the rotation pivots permanent (not temporary blue) of each piece to its proper point of articulation. Caring for the right-back position in the list of layers. Finally animate by using the transform method keyframe. The displacements are achieved by using pegs (proprietary or generic item that is subordinate to the full character) Extend concepts reading e-learning. I hope that this brief description helps. Yoryo