Rigging Tutorial issue

I am following along in the Creating a Mixed Rig video tutorial on my own character and am having an issue when I try to copy the pivot placement of a drawing onto a Drawing Element being used as a Peg for the arm (about 10mins in on the video). When I copy and paste the pivot, the pivot shoots off in a strange location unrelated to the pivot I am copying from.

Any ideas?? This is driving me nutty!!

Thanks in advance!!

Hmm I’m trying to think how this could happen. Basically, a pivot point on a drawing is located on a specific place in the drawing grid. So if you take a look at the source drawing in the Drawing View (not Camera View), and look at the pivot there, and then you look at the drawing-peg layer in the Drawing View, is the pivot in the same place here?

It might simply be that there’s a transformation on your drawing layer, and this transformation is moving your drawing layer away from your drawing-peg layer, and so it appears that they aren’t in the same place.