Rigging Question

Is hierarchy rigging (from the ToonBoom Animate Pro video tutortials) the same as bone rigging/IK rigging? Is one better than the other? Quicker? And do they have the same results if I use one over the other?

I’m just curious, because, it seems like the hierarchy one is a lot of work and it appears I can get the same result from just using the bones tool (drawing them in where I want them and so forth)…but, I’m not sure. I’m usually a traditional animator, but I’d like to try cutout animation, could be interesting.


I think that the Deform tool adds a lot to the plate, now. I don’t think it totally negates the use of hierarchy, as you will, even when you use Deform, still have some hierarchy involved. But I see a lot more people using the Deform for things like arms and legs. It means that you can avoid doing the patches for overlapping joints.

It all depends on what the artwork looks like, in the end, and what’s best suited.