Rigging Problem

Quick question. While rigging I keep running into the same problem. As an example let’s just just a face. Any character face.

I break down the head, eyes. eyebrows and mouth all onto separate layers. Now while I create the hierarchy I do it correctly by making them all follow the head, because while my character talks he’ll do subtle head movements. Yet when doing it this way all the drawings go BEHIND the head which makes sense because they are following that layer. Anyone know a solution? I’ve tried selecting the actual drawings and bringing them to the front but it doesn’t work.

You have to bring the features forward in Z space. Select the drawing/layer you want to bring forward in the scene view. With the Transformation tool hold down the Alt key and press the down arrow. One time should be enough to bring it forward.

This actually doesn’t make sense. If your features and head are all set to 0 in the Z axis and your features are behind the head layer- you must have moved them behind in your composite.
The pegs only alter the order of images if they have Z information.

Select all of your elements and press R to remove all the animation from it. If they are still behind you need to re-order your comp.

The best rigs return to a properly layered neutral pose when you remove all the animation information. That way if an animator wants to reset the rig they just select all and hit R.

Awesome responses guys. I got it!