rigging problem

Hi all,

I’m having trouble rigging my character. I’ve rigged lots of characters for the same show but experience this problem for the first time.

Importing the bitmaps for bodyparts, adding a peg for each part and positioning the pivot point worked well.
But connecting my pegs to other pegs result in the part I want to connect being displaced, it doesn’t stay in place anymore as it used to.

I could just put the peg-bodypart back on the right place but I’m afraid that this glitch will interfere with the further process.

Does anyone know how this could be?


Hi Pieter,

maybe this tutorial can help:


me helped me understand the use of pegs.

Thanks 2DAMG, I think I figured out what’s the problem… Even after so much rigging I worked the other way round this time.
Normally I place the drawing and then add the peg. This time I put the peg first and then put it in place.

Silly mistake

you’re welcome,
that good already solved the problem, for me is easier to add pegs in the Node view.

Best Regards, 2DAMG