rigging - peg or drawingpeg-layer?

I remember seeing ( in a tutorial I think ) the difference between using a peg layer and a drawing layer as a peg for an image.
I think that if you used an image-layer as peg you could
change shape of image which did not affect any child-images.

Anyone know how this work?

/ Mattias
using Harmony Advanced

Thanks for the info.
I understand your english well.

I tried this but the problem is still there.

I enclosed two images:

  1. default look
  2. trying to just resize the arm. But the hand ( which is a child to the arm ) is also resized the same way.

I want to be able to resize the middle arm but the hand will keep the original size. What did I do wrong?

I thought I could add images but I cant. i dont why.So here is the screen shots on this link:

/ Mattias

I think this is handled better in the Node window rather than in the Timeline hierarchy.

I didn’t see that he worked in Advanced, Thanks.

Sorry for the rigging. I am not as bad as it looks, This was not a complete rigg just a test of the arms since I remembered this problem. I have made many riggs but not solved this particular problem. But I usually dont add a peg to every layer and thats maybe not good. But It gets so many layers if you do.

If I get it all right
We have this arm divided into UpperArm (UA), LowerArm (LA) and Hand ( H )

  • First a Master Peg for the Whole Arm
  • Then a Peg for each drawing
  • A total of 7 layers now.
  • UA-peg, LA-peg and H-peg are all connected with the Master Peg

When animating:

  1. When you move Master Peg all arm is moving
  2. But If you rotate LA-Peg the hand does not follow since it´s not a child-layer.

The normal riggs I use works fine it´s just when if I want to resize like the LowerArm a bit ( getting shorter, looking like a perspektiv move ) but the Hand should be same size.

I am sure you are right.
I will test this out during the day and get back.

/ Mattias

You work in France?