Rigging multiple characters and animate in a scene

Hi there,

I am using Animate Pro 3 looking to start rigging characters and setting up a scene for animating. Been looking at the video tutorials which are great, but I can’t seem to piece together the correct workflow. So the question is, how do I rig multiple characters, then put them into a scene and animate them together?

Would I make templates out of each rigged character, then import them into the scene and then animate them?

This must have been a newbie question asked many times already, but this forum doesn’t seem to have a search function to find similar questions that have been previously asked.

Anyways, any help is much appreciated! Thank you!


Much thanks rkrizfor your reply. This has been bogging me down in the process as I really wanted to get the overview of how this worked before I could go ahead.

Normally you need to rig each character separately (ideally in their own scene created for this purpose). Make sure that each character uses their own unique palette and that you don’t share palettes between characters.

Once you have made the template it is “locked” in the state it was in when you made the template. When you import the character in a scene it makes a local copy (instance) of the character.

If you ever need to modify the character you can either edit the original character creation scene or use the library’s Edit Template feature to edit the template itself. Make sure to delete the old template after creating the modified one so that you don’t get confused about which one to use if you’re modifying the original character creation scene.

One last thought… Ideally each character should have a network with a Read module named after the character at the bottom of the final composite. This will give you a method to view each character’s animation separately or even export it alone if necessary.