Rigging Inquiry

Hello all, sorry to be a bother but I’ve run into a bit of a problem and despite having a bit of a scour on the internet I continue to be stumped.

So my issue is this, I have a character, rigged in several different poses. So a front view, a 3/4 view, profile and so on.
The challenge I’m facing is that I’d like to turn the characters head, while keeping the torso facing forwards.
So I’m wondering if there is a way to import just the side head, rigged and replace the original forward looking head? I’ve managed to move the drawing, but not the rig as well and so I’m reaching out in the hopes that there is a simple answer I just haven’t found yet.

Thanks for your time everyone! :slight_smile:

You can create templates of the different head views and drop them into the timeline to switch between. Watch some videos on templates at toon boom learn :slight_smile: