Rigging, Cutouts and The Library

I’m curious about something. I have a set of characters planned, one is in production:

1) All of their bodies are the same, except color
2) Only their faces (expressions) differ
3) They will be rigged cutouts

Is there a way to make all my characters share the same body elements (across all of them), differ in color and stay fully rigged (with each of their unique facial features)?

What I’m getting at here is I’m about to do my rotational drawings of the main character. Since everyone is really based on the core drawing I’d like to know if in the future I have to tweak some masking on a shoulder pivot, that all 20 of the characters will benefit from that tweak.

In other words, how much inheritence can I expect from library items or is there some other way to go about this that gets me the intended result?

Hi Charles - I am guessing that you will probably need to use the library template feature in some way and link to media objects. I am pretty sure that editing/changing library entries without any linkage has no effect on items dragged onto a scene.
Check out the help documents as a first stop to see if it is suitable. I haven’t had the chance to use this feature myself but I’m sure there are others who have on this forum.

After some reading and attempts it seems I probably need to move this over to Template Browsing. Anyone interested can find additional info on the topic there.