Rigging: Creating a new deformer to affect another drawing in the same drawing layer


We used to be able to have different deformers affecting differents drawings on a single drawing node depending on the names of the drawings on Harmony 11.

For instance, one deformer would apply on the drawings 01+x of a drawing node, and you could create another one to affect drawing 02+x

How do you do it on Harmony 12.2?

Thank you.

Hi Dlie,

in Harmony 12.2, after you have applied a deformation to a drawing, you can then duplicate the drawing to create a new drawing substitution, then in the deformation toolbar menu select the fourth icon button from the left, which is called ‘Create New Deformation Chain’. You can then apply the second deformer onto that new substitution drawing. If you have another drawing layer/node following the deformed drawing, you will need to go into the Node Library and get a ‘Kinematic Output’ node, drag it into the Node View, create a connection from the deformation node to the input of the Kinematic Input node, and then create a connection from the output of the Kinematic Output to the input of the other drawing’s peg node. For additional guidance on this please follow this link:


Hope this helps and thanks for your post!