Rigging Child above Parent

Is there any way to visually have a child layer above a parent layer visually?

When you make a layer a child of another layer, make sure it is selected and use the transform tool and alt+down to bump it forward until it’s displayed over the parent.

Do you use Animate or Animate Pro?

Cuddlyogre backward and forward nudging tip is right. Make sure you Camera view is active while doing it.

If you use Animate Pro, if you want your default child position to be in front of the parent, in the Network view, you can move the cable connection in front of the parent one.


Thanks Cuddly and Marie, I’ll definitely try doing that. I’m still pretty new to Animate Pro 2 (well, the PLE anyway), and I’m still trying to get the workflow down. Thanks again! This Forum is great!



To get you going, you can watch the training videos:

They will take you through all the basics and concepts.
Every 2 weeks a new series is released.

You also have access to the User Guide either by pressing F1 in the software or via the link in the Welcome Screen.

Good luck!!



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