Rigging and Hierarcy- BIG problem! Harmony Adv


This is a problem that keep coming up and I haven´t found a way to solve it. But I guess it must be one since it´s a common thing to do.

I have a character who i holding a thing like a doll. He/she walks into a rumm and puts the doll on a table and walks away.

In the walk I add the doll as a child to the characters hand to make it easier to move.

But when the doll is left on the table it has to be removed as a childlayer to the hand.

The problem is that when the doll is inside the characters peg the size is according to that setting but when the doll will be a layer of its own the size will be different.
( well it does not have to be but if you haven´t planned it 100 and made the characers exact right size according to each other )

How do I move a layer outside a peg and keep the same size and positionb as it had inside the peg?

/ Mattias

Duplicate the doll layer and the peg that has the doll/arm information, then delete exposure of original doll bound to arm and leave the peg/doll layer untouched with exposure extended from where original ended while the regular rig walks away.

Thanks !
Thats seems like a good idea.

But if you have an animation the first person will give the doll to another person so first link to one hand and then to another I guess there is no better way than to try to match it by unionskin. I just found out it was a feature in the layer prop that you could select “not scale” within a layer which keeps an layer the same size all the time.

Any other good ideas when moving things from on child layer to another child?

/ Mattias

Try Cell-Swapping… equip every character with your desired object…
Then just swap visibility at point of changeover…
Might be easier, then disconnecting / connecting objects…



There is a function on every layer called “Ignore Parent Scaling”. Just use that and your layer won’t be scaled by its parent. You can find it in the Layer Properties.

In the 3D world, and in a few other 2D animation applications, this is being handled via re-parenting. It’d certainly be worth it to see something like this evolve in Harmony, but seeing as their bones are more deformations than rigging handles, it’d have to be implemented differently; most likely via the peg system. But overall it’d be a nice addition. Cell swapping or drawing substitutes is certainly still a viable way to accomplish this, but animations and animation apps are evolving, and re-parenting is part of that evolution.