Rigging a Character with a Long Coat

Hey Everyone!

I’m a newbie when it comes to Animate so be gentle with me haha. This is my first time rigging an character so I’ve got a questions I’m hoping you all can help me with:

I have a character who wears a knee length laboratory coat and I am wondering what you all would suggest as the best way to rig this character. How do I get the coat to act independently from the legs? I plan on drawing out the characters in Illustrator, separating facial features and the extremities into layers (hand, forearm, bicep, upper-body, etc…), and importing them into Toon Boom for animation. Using this process, can anyone think of a god way to deal with my coat problem?

Casey W.

So I can’t figure out how in the heck to import .ai files with layers still intact. If anyone has some tips for that as well it would be greatly appreciated. From what I can tell it has something to do with scripts and I am quite confused.

I always rig my characters so that the legs are independent from the body. They attach to the character’s top level “Master Peg” so that you can move the entire character around and resize it, etc. But the legs are independently rigged so that any bending, rotating, squashing, etc., done to the body doesn’t effect the legs.

For a lab coat, the best rig is using a bone deformer starting at the base of the coat, then with a joint at the waist–make it the width of the waist–and ending at the neck. This makes it easy for your character to bend at the waist.