Rigging 3 views character

Hi guys. It’s been a while since i was here.

Im working on some character and i m trying to rig it in 3 views (3q, profile and back 3q) and now i have a problem (im pritty sure that Lily explain that in one of the tutorial but i really cant find it :/).

In some views i need some parts to be in other place in hierarchy. For example i need butt to be in the back of the legs in 3q but between the legs in profile.

How should i solve that? I cant move it in timeline view because it’d mess my whole rigg. I dont think i can solve it from network view (any ideas?) So what’s left? Z axis?

Thanks for all ideas :slight_smile:

Hi there, have u seen the official tb animate tutorials ? All of that is explained in those tutorials. I compiled them on my site(shameful plug) www.toonbooming.com in a nice video gallery too.