Rigger wish list

The company I’m working for has recently upgraded from digital pro and there are alot of things that make the switch difficult ???

* The select tool - Working with the select tool in ‘works with single element’ mode it will often switch elements without warning. This can be especially frustrating if I don’t notice it’s switched layers and I start drawing on the wrong element.

* The select tool - Should move strokes (works in animate pro, not in harmony? odd)

* The contour editor - Verticies do not have handles by default. You have to pull a neighbouring curve to get one (which often warps the whole object) or create a new vertex pull it to deform the curve and delete it to give neighboring veticies handles.
Also using the Ctrl key to straighten the curves deletes the handles.
Please bring my handles back :’(

* View => show => current drawing on top - I want a permanent preferance for this.

* Translate tool - select peg mode - I want a permanent preferance for this.

Unrelated to the software switch:

*Write modules - If I have 260 scenes I would like an easy way to set render information. I assumed I would be able to create a standard write module. export it through the template library and have it availible to import into each scene. . This was not the case.
I would love to have story board pro give the option to change common settings between different files like default export location. Or a way to import common render settings.

Just to clarify, these are Harmony feature requests, correct? Generally we deal with all Harmony requests through email - you can always feel free to contact us directly at support@toonboom.com if you have a support contract and we can investigate these issues further for you.

Regarding the write modules - you can write a script to create a write module with all the default settings that you want to reuse for your scenes. You can even write one that will automatically generate a specific path based on the environment, job, scene. This is for Harmony, however - for Storyboard, you’re correct, we would need to have a way to save the settings.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Toon Boom Support

The only problem unique to harmony is the inability to move strokes with the select tool. The rest are common to both.

That is a good list rhubix. I too feel the frustration with not keeping the preferences permanent. It almost seems like the view current drawing on top should be part of the preferences.