Rigg: solutions for angular knees that are easy to animate?

Hello everyone !
I have a character to rig who has angular joints and I would like to keep the autopatches. Do you have an idea of ​​an effective and fast solution to animate and which preserves the angle of the knees articulation? I mean I’d like to preserve autopatch, but still have angular joints

May be a cutter system ?

Thank you all a lot :slight_smile:

Hi, the previous reply will probably also help.
There is a method I was informed of for this, though I have yet to try, but I’ve seen it work:

If you use the Underlay to have a cutter at the outside of the knee on both the top and bottom, you can use some rigging techniques to have the Underlay cut the over-flow and keep it sharp. This mostly automates it, but deformers are usually used to fix any poses where it doesn’t work entirely.
I believe it only works if both top and bottom legs have the overflow, and I believe it works only if you have the cutter on one side of the leg, usually the inside as that’s the direction most legs will be bent with.

A similar example to this technique is shown on this video but it’s towards Shoulders: 018 Shoulders: : Toonboom Tutorial - YouTube