Rig for a Shrimp-Character


I recently started learning how to animate with Harmony for a Unity Game-Project, our main character is a shrimp, and I have some problems with the rig.
Im not sure how to split the character, I tried to split between the upper body and the lower body, but after using a curve deformer, the lower body overlapped with itself (Image).
Also I thought about splitting between the tail and the rest of the body (part of the lower body + upper body) but then I will have connection problems with the shadow between the two parts.

Does anyone have a solution for me?




Hello JannikJ,

I cannot upload a picture but I went with your first approach after quickly tracing a form over your straightened drawing. I was able to get a lot of movement out of the curve deformer without undesirable side-effects. I can pose the character in your 90 degree angle without that line break / overlap. I tried this using a single curve as well as two curve deformers. I liked the additional wiggling that could be done with two.

I wish you had shown a picture of the deformer you created for that first attempt. The line break you point to looks like something a bone deformer frequently produces. The side-effect typically occurs with elbows and knees.

I think you would be better off reattempting the curve deformation. It might have been where you placed the deformation rigging. Hard to say without seeing it. But if you want to research a solution for the line break / overlap side-effect itself there are several tutorials online which could help you avoid it or deal with it. Look for topics covering joint articulations.

I believe Tracy covers it in this one:


There may be other applicable information in these two as well:



Hi Jannik!

Are you planning on exporting from Unity directly into Harmony? Or rendering out the sprites and then bringing those into Unity?

If you are going to be using the first option, you should try using the game bones for the rig. These will export out into Unity.

If you plan on doing the second option, you could use the curve and separate the folds of the character into different pieces.

A nice little trick to know for those double lines crossing when the influences overlap is to grab the cutter tool inside the drawing, cut away the part that is going to be on top, and paste it in the same drawing. This breaks the drawing in two and puts one piece over the other. It helps to get a visual on this, so if you are having a hard time understanding what I am talking about, I’ll record a little something to post here. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, I want to render out the sprites and then bring them into Unity.
Because I don’t have much time until our deadline, I decided to make just one drawing for the body and just rig the Tail and the upper body.
But it doesn’t work.