I hope you like

Expressions are excellent. I love the facial expression. But regarding animation I think it’s looking little bit rigid, and timing is not also right.
My opinion ;D

I liked the facial expressions. The timing looked good to me. The backgrounds are incredibly beautiful and it’s a great color scheme. This is not a criticism, but the cats got “Peter Griffin Eyes”.

Oh and another thing, I liked the little death symbol rising from the cat. I’ve not seen that before.

Left a comment for you on Youtube.


good job!

i loved the simplicity of the backgrounds, and your choice of colors. i would personally add a few inbetweeners to the part where the cat sits back up on the skate board. was that a directional blur you used or just blur?
the music was also nice.

nice work, keep it up :slight_smile:

I agree, the facial expressions were great.

i can see what the previous poster meant about pacing. Some of the animations felt slow, but i figureed that was intentional rather than lack of timing, cause he was a fat cat who doesn’t do anything fast.

The music at the end is really good and reminded me of the age of mythlogy game soundtrack.

The piano at the begining sounded really dry to me, i think it needs some reverb.


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