reversing frames

Just curious, does Toon Boom have a feature or process that reverses a series of frames in the timeline? I’m still new to the program and getting used to the interface.
Thanks, John

Hi John,

There is a function to reverse the order of the drawing that you have exposed inside Toon Boom Studio. To get it you will first need to select that drawing you want to invert in the timeline. Then right click on those drawings and create advance cycle.

In the new window simply switch the first drawing to be the last and the last drawing to be the first and this should reverse your animation.

Best regards,


Thanks Ugo,
Great feature!
Also, I noticed that older drawings I thought I had deleted would keep appearing in my timeline. I eventually got rid of these drawings by deleting them in my library. I feel like I’m still trying to understand the relationships between the exposure sheet, timeline and library.
But hey it’s fun and I’m really starting to dig this program.
Best , John