reversed view

hi all -

something strange has just started happening … I have a drawing element with a character facing to the right. In drawing view, it is fine and is facing to the right … in camera view and in playback, the character is reversed and is facing to the left and also positioned on the other side of the screen, it is like i picked up the image and turned it over and am looking at from the reverse side or other side of a see through page … all the other elements are fine, it is just this one … and no matter how many times I correct it, it goes back to reversing itself … I must have accidently set something to cause this because it was fine the other day … any help would be greatly appreciated … thanks in advance, dan

For the element in question, select the element in the timeline then look in the properties panel and see if you have one of its scale factors set to a negative value. If so set that value to positive and it should fix your translation. If that is not the case the fastest way to fix the problem is to select the element in the time line and remove all keyframes, but that should be a last resort because it will totally remove any setting of properties or keyframes that you have on this element.-JK

Hi JK -

Thanks for the quick reply … highlighted one of the elements in the timeline and there was a negative value in the second box (-1) … changed it to a positive 1, saved the file, reopened it and the image was still reversed. the property was still set at the positive 1… I hightlighted the keyframes and did a delete all - saved the file, reopened it and the images were still reversed … i ended up creating a new element, creating new cells, copying the image to the new cell, reversing it, then moving it to its rightful place. I deleted the bad element, did a save, reopen, and all seems to be in order… it was the strangest thing … even after fixing each bad cell and running an export to insure it was fine, as soon as i reopened the file, it went back to being reversed … strangest thing i ever saw … thanks, dan