reverse copied layers

Hi using SBPro 2 v 9.1.5 (6936 ) service pack 1 if i multiple select layers - select all - copy then paste into another panel the layers are reversed and the paint level is on top . this bug makes my task pretty much impossible now as i can’t keep all the layers aligned when moving .

hi lilley - thanks for the reply - i did what you suggested and that worked fine for copying complete multiple layers . so all good there . what i am trying to do is copy part drawings across multiple layers . Ie i have 9 thumbnails drawn on a panel and i want to separate them into individual panels . So I am selecting each thumbnail ( with its multiple layers and copy pasting them into new panels . ( its a slow process ) I select all the relevent layers then using the select lasso i loop around the desired thumbnail . copy it and then select the new panel . but when i come to paste the selection it flattens into one layer as you said but it also puts the bottom paint layer on top thus making the drawing non usable . hope thats clear . d

To clarify, are you selecting multiple layers in the layer of a panel, then selecting all the artwork, and then hitting Ctrl-C to copy. Then do you create a new panel, and hit paste? When I do this, it actually copies all the artwork into one single layer.

If I select the tabs instead in the panel, then right-click on them and select “Copy selected layers”, then go to a new panel and select “paste layers”, then it pastes them still as separated layers in the original order.

Or of course you could make a template out of the drawing layers instead of copying, but it’s probably easier just to copy the layers themselves.

So can you clarify which of these procedures you’re using? And what you want to have happen?