Reverse angle within a scene

Hi, I’m trying to find a more efficient way of ‘cutting’ to a reverse angle within a scene. I have in the past had two sets of elements, one for character A wih its own background, etc, and one with character B with its own background, etc., and switching between the two For example, actor onstage and drops and proscenium behind him from frame 1 to frame 100, and a reverse angle of the audience in the house from frame 101 to frame 200. The problem with this has been besides getting a complicated exposure sheet and timeline, is managing the camera, especially if there are camera moves. If one angle, say, of the actor is a push-in over the length of the scene, but the shot of the audience is a static lock-down shot, If I continue to cut back and forth between actor and audience, the camera path becomes a zigzag mess.
Since I am outputting to quicktime, would I be better off rendering the two shots as two different scenes or even two different projects and editing it together in Final Cut?

Thanks for any advice!


Even though it is not possible to actively switch from one camera to another in a single scene you can get what you want done by using constant position for your camera that jumps from one place to the other. There was an article made on the subject available at the following link:



if you have finale cut
yes by all means
in fact using the same scene and multiple copies of that scene
you should do extra renders, close-ups,camera moves,ect
then cut in finale cut
(bty i always render uncompressed to finale cut )


Hi Mark,

The multiple camera which you create in a single scene could be used to do multiple angle shots though cannot be actively changed on a scene yet. This being said you could actually render your scene from a certain frame range on Camera B then toggle Camera A and render an other range of the animation and so on.

Hope this helps.