Reusing Drawn Objects in other Projects // File Management (Possible?)


Before I invest into ToonBoom Animate, I’d like to know one important thing.

In Illustrator and After Effects, what I have been working in until now, I drew individual files in Illustrator, for example a tea pot or a tree, and stored as an .Ai file and when I needed the tree in a project I would simply add it in After Effects with a few clicks.

What about Animate Pro? If I draw a tree in a scene can I save it as a separate file? Or can I pull it from one project and use that tree in another project?

If Yes, how am I going to organize and find them once I have thousands of objects?

Also, what about my older Illustrator drawings, I’ll be able to use those right?

Last Q: In Illustrator when you ink you can choose to continue the last stroke, making one smooth line out of many strokes. It saves days of work. Is it available in TB?

If you want store your drawings, layers, groups of one or more frames in the same or others projects, you must create a template and store it in the animate pro library. Simply rigt click in the animate pro library folder, in the bottom left side of the library window, and select right to modify. This unlock the folder and now you can store templates inside it by drag an drop from timeline to the right window of the library window. Select any frame or select more in one or more layers and drag and drop in this window, name your template for search later. For use, do the inverse, drop in the timeline or camera view. For groups copy the module in network view and paste it in the right window of the library window. You can edit the template by right clicking and selecting edit template. When the change is done, save it and close the editor. There are a lot of videotutorials found in this web page for clarify.
You can “import” .ai files to the library for use in Animate Pro projects as single layer or multiple layers too with a script. Hope that helps.


Thank you,

I’ve downloaded the trial and have found answers on most of my questions but it took me a day. Thank you for taking time and answering them.

The last two unresolved question from me is the following: when I use the BRUSH, and color with the bucket, I receive ONE complete figure I can move around. But when I use the PENCIL and bucket paint the inside, I have TWO separate figures, the color and the line. So, when I would want to move an object, I would need to select both, the color and the line, otherwise they will get separated.

The second: Can I store as symbols or does it have to be templates? I watched a tutorial, they used symbols.

If you could answer me those, I’d have no more questions^^.


Here is the picture I made. The fill inside a circle can be selected and moved away. I’d like to know how to attach it to the outline. So, if I would want to break up a character, these colors will be given new layers of their own (it does not happen in the tutorial) and it’s a pain o redo everything…

It’s a simple circle with a paint bucket fill. I tried flatten etc…

Flatten will make it one whole object only if the circle is a brush stroke (as opposed to a pencil) and then the circle and its fill share the same color. As it is, you can group the objects (ctrl + G for PC and command + G for Mac (I think)).

Thanks a lot. It worked.

I should have tried grouping, it came to my mind once but I didnt do it. I thought there will be a folder created in the layers and I didnt want it.

Looks like there is no folder. This is perfect!

For those who don’t know, you can access the Group menu under Edit > Group

Thank you both so much

You can store symbols for using only in the current project. For load the art in others projects, you need make a template and store it in the Animate Pro Library folder or sub folders you created for organizing content.