Reusing animation for multiple characters / auto blending?

Greetings, all -

I need to know how feasible this project I’m about to undertake is. I need to animate a lot of characters in a short amount of time, and the ideal solution would be to animate, say, one walk cycle and apply it to every character. I would use either traditional cutout animation (puppetry) or a bone-deformation rig to achieve this … whichever looks best and offers the most in terms of reusing movement.

Animate / Pro is such a massively robust tool, I’m having trouble finding exact details on that. I’m aware you can store templates, but can I store MOVEMENTS? All characters will be typical human bipeds.

Second question: if you can store movements (also including template characters w/animations) will Animate automatically blend between the two? If I add a run template next to a jump template, will the animations snap or is there a way to get the points to tween into each other?

I know computers can’t do everything but at the moment I’m trying to see exactly what the computers can do for me.

Thanks for your help!