returning license code

1). I found the V2 on the members page, downloaded, installed, and entered the temp key, then started.
2). I restarted and the activation wizard no longer displays and I have to idea how to return the V1 product coe. All the links provided just show a image of the activation wizard which I can no longer access.

Are you on a windows or a mac? If you browse to the application folder, then you can access the License Wizard directly in the Application Folder > Toon Boom Animate (Pro) 2 > Tools on a mac, or if you’re on Windows, through Start > Programs > Toon Boom Animation > Toon Boom Animate (Pro) 2 > License Tools > License Wizard.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

Why does Toon Boom have such lousy technical support? I’ve emailed them four or five times and either don’t get a response at all or they send me a blank reply with nothing on it.

So, maybe the Forum can answer my question. I just upgraded to Animate 2 but the download page says that I only have a “Temporary License”. But I paid for a full version upgrade so why do I only get a temporary license?

I don’t want to install Animate 2 until I get this question answered, because if they are only selling me a temporary license then I want my money back.

But eMails to either the Order department or Support have already produced zero results. So, what’s going on? Why are they so lame and my license is only temporary?

You will get a full licence once you return your animate 1 licence.

The temp licence is so you don’t suffer any downtime while support issues you with an animate 2 licence.

The temp licence is only 15 days i think.

I had no issues with the upgrade process and they are certainly selling your a permanent licence. Just follow the upgrade instructions for returning your animate 1 licence.

What upgrade instructions? They sent me a receipt for my credit card purchase and that’s it, other than the download page link. They don’t answer my emails. What kind of a company is this? Made up of cartoon characters? Maybe the support office takes the weekend off. Or maybe they take three days off in Canada. That’s where the Eskimos are, right? Darned Eskimos. Never trust an Eskimo with your animation software or credit card number.

I’ll wait until Monday before cancelling my credit card order.

Calm down :slight_smile:

Just email and make sure you don’t have them on spam filter, also I belive they have a phone number too.

I haven’t seen 1 case of someone being ripped off by toonboom so your pretty safe.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience you might have suffered as a result of not being able to get through to the support team. We are investigating our mail system to see if there’s a reason that some emails are not getting through.

I can give you a link to the knowledgebase article that describes the upgrade procedure for Animate 2. Here is the link:

Basically you need to return your Animate 1 license and send an email to the licensor, and she will send you a permanent Animate 2 code.

If you have any further questions you should be able to reach us at, or if you don’t get through, send me an email personally at

Thank you for your patience.

Toon Boom Support

Thanks for the help everrybody.

Anybody who uses computers will have computer problems. Toon Boom fially replied, seems that their servers were having problems over the week end which is why I didn’t receive the proper information and download data.

Apologies to the Eskimos, too. How could I doubt you?