Return license remotely from another computer


I have two work stations which I use Harmony. One laptop at home and one stationary at the office. There is often a problem that I forget to return the license when I leave work and are to work from home the day after. Or the other way around. Is there a way I can return the license from the computer at work when I am at my laptop at home?

There are a lot of firewalls etc at my office, so computer remote control software won’t work.



You could install Team Viewer at home and at work and then remotely connect
to the computer to return the license. You would need to set-up Team Viewer
for unattended access.

In a situation where this is not possible for security reasons you can run a trial
license in a pinch, if you have not already used one in the past.

As he said in his post, he is not able to install remote software at his work. Why doesn’t toonboom allow us to do this remotely?

Completely agree, I can’t tell you how much inconvenience and time wasted I’ve experienced simply because I forget to return a license before leaving a location. Highly frustrating.