Return license from the website? Lost my local files

Hello I own an anual subscription since october.

Recently had some hardware problems with my computer forcing me to format the entire system, this gave me no time to “return” the local license in my computer, now that I want to install harmony again (since Harmony 16 is out, this is the only one I can download), the license wizard gives me an error “license not found”.
Is there a way to retrieve the license from the website?

The attached image show’s the error message (sorry it’s in spanish)
It translates to:

Warning: There is no harmony premium license in the account.

Harmony Premium Anual Desktop subscription

Already installed.

Thanks for any input, sorry if this can be a trivial issue for some, but I’m totally new and is not very intuitive how to solve this issue.

Something similar happened to me before. I sent Toon Boom a support ticket asking them if they could return the license manually on their end. They were able to fix the issue very quickly. So I would send them a support ticket.

Thank you for reaching out.

I have seen your ticket and answer you already if you have questions please don’t hesitate.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

Thanks, they managed to solve it quickly.

Yes, I replied the email.
The issue seems to have been resolved, the software confirms I have the license now, but still shows me a “trial” screen whenever I start it.
Perhaps once the trial days are over it will resume as I suspect.

Thanks again.