Return/Deactivate from network license server

Can’t seem to puzzle out how to deactivate or return an Animate licence from the the network license server.

Thanks, Ron

Open the License Wizard from the “Tools” or “License Tools” folder of the software using the options:
Manage Licenses
Manage Network License
select the license and hit the “return” button

Please be aware that returning a network license will cause it to become inactive and you must contact the licensing department to re-issue you your license once this is done.

Thanks …

What I’m asking is how does one return or deactivate a licnese that was issued by a local (on my network) network license server.


If you have a license server on your site that you are connecting to, be aware that you are not checking out a license token from the server unless you actually have the software open. Therefore there’s no need to “return” a license.