Retouching Drawings in sceneplanning

I am doing the tutorials, and upon startig Retouching Drawings in Sceneplanning, I find myself lost.

Under the first set of directions, the first thing AI’m told to do is:

4. Click the Loop button in the toolbar, then click Play .

Imagine my frustration when nothing at all happens. So, what am I really supposed to do in order to review the animation? I’ve tried highlighting oll of the elements by clicking their category headings and then hitting the two magical buttons loop and play, but to no avail. I realize I could popssibly move on and ocover more important parts of the tutorial, but why should I when I can’t even play back a project.

So, what’s wrong?


Everything should be working correctly with the playback. You might want to try to do them from the Play top menu just to make sure that you can indeed do a playback.

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Make sure you have extended the exposure to the number of frames you wanted. You need several exposures to view an animation?