Retiming does not seem to move keys

Hi folks. I’m currently re-timing my short animation by navigating through the timeline to find a place I want to extend, using the xSheet view to select the whole row, and extending or reducing the exposure with the + and - keys. I realised pretty quick this only affects layers that are currently visible, which made sense once I thought about it, but going ahead, I found that my keys had stayed in place when the exposures moved.
There are a few 8 year old topics addressing this, and one of them said that keyframes on pegs would be affected but keyframes on drawing layers would not, but I’ve been a bit untidy and am using both, and neither were affected by the re-timing. I thought perhaps I was in the mode in the timeline where you only move exposures (like where you select move both, or keys only, or exposures only), but I confirmed I was in the ‘both’ mode, so that doesn’t seem to be it either.
Any help would be appreciated, be it advice on solving the problem, or a much better way to adjust the timing of my short than the approach I’m using.

I’m using Harmony 14 Premium on OSX

Try the “TB_StretchKeyFrames” script from the Script Manager.
Select the Layer in the Timeline you would like to use.
In the Script manager type your last keyframe number into the “Last Frame” window.
Into the “Last Frame Destination” window type the keyframe number how far you would like to stretch those keyframes.

I’m not trying to stretch keyframes as such, I’m extending exposures and the keyframes aren’t following. Does the script affect exposures as well as keyframes?

It will stretch only the keyframes proportionally. The drawing-exposure you have to do manually.

Oh okay, that’s not what I need then. I just need the keyframes associated with particular drawings to move along with them when I extend or reduce exposures ahead of them. Or some other way to adjust my exposures without desynchronising my keys

Make sure your Timeline View in the Timeline toolbar is visible. Make sure the square with the keyframe dot in it is pressed. It’s called “Paste Mode: All Drawing Attributes”. You may have Keyframes Only or Exposures Only pressed. I never press the plus and minus keys in the XSheet View, instead, I do it in the Timeline view. In the timeline view, on frame 10, click your top layer, hold Shift and then click the bottom layer also on frame 10, then you can press the plus and minus and everything should extend or subtract and stay synced.