restoring default pdf tempaltes?

I accidently deleted some of the templates. How do I restore them?thanks!

Hi,You may be able to recover the default templates by going to the location where you have installed Storyboard>Templates. There you should be able to find all of the sub folder you can see in the Template library inside the software. Go to the folder in which you have deleted the templates and you should have a folder named .deleted in there. In there should be the deleted template which can be brought back by dragging them to their original location (one level above).If the folder .deleted is not there you may have to reinstall the software to recover those templates.Best regards,Ugo

thanks for the replyI just recreated the templates to make them like the defaults.

I’ve had this same problem, accidentally deleted a template. This should not be possible or at least there should be a “restore all templates” option. Having to reload the software just to restore a deleted template is really disappointing for a professional program.