Restore missing buttons?

The last time I opened Animate 2 to continue working with an existing project I noticed that the interface was not displaying 3 important buttons - the LINE ART button, the COLOR ART button and the PREVIEW button. They usually sit just above the timeline on the left next to Open GL, Render View buttons.

I have tried to find and restore these buttons with no luck. They don’t show up in any of the Camera or Drawing views or in Window or Toolbar areas. I have tried rebooting and opening other existing and new projects, but I can’t restore the interface to where it was before, even though I have restored all defaults and preferences.

Can anyone suggest how I can get these buttons back again?


I will start with a very basic question. Did you select a drawing tool?
They generally appear only when a drawing tool is selected.


Yes, they did not reappear when I selected brush or pencil or changed from Camera to Drawing view in the top toolbar.


Just checking :).

In Animate, there is a preference to enable this mode.
Did you enable the preference Use Advanced Art Mode?

The Use Advance Art Mode can be enabled in the Preferences panel, under the General tab. Once enabled, you need to restart Animate in order for the preference to take effect.

To enable the Advance Art Mode:
1. Open the Preferences panel. You can also use the default keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+ (Windows) or Command +[,] (Mac OS X).

2.In the General tab, go to the Advanced section.

3.Enable the Use Advance Art Mode option.

4.Click on the OK button.

5.Restart Toon Boom Animate.

Let me know if it works!


Aha! Thanks, Marie-Eve.
That fixed it!
Problem solved!




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