Restore deleted lines

I’ve created a drawing and deleted all the outlines to leave only the color fills.
Now I want to restore the outlines on some of the objects. How do I get back the lines I deleted?

If the line was done with pencil tool, you can later draw, vary the thickness to 0 with select tool in tool properties, and assign to this line swatch colour an alpha value 0, this make invisible the outline, if not a thin outline is preserved. (Name properly the swatch to identify it later and select again for alpha manipulation to return the colour) I recommend you experiment before with simply outlined shapes.


Ah ok! Thank you very much for put clarify in this point, I´had experimented any others ways to solve this situation, but your recommendation is the just way, for a simply and quick solution


Thanks to you both.
Problem solved!

Actually you can do this. I’ve answered this one several times before in this forums, so I might just also post this in the Tips and Tricks section of the forums.

What you need to do is select the fill with the Select tool in the DRAWING view (this does not work from the Camera view). Then from the top menu, select Drawing > Convert > Strokes to Pencil Lines.

Hope this helps!