restore default worspace

I have used the Toonboom storyboard pro4.1 from two years. Until now I have not got any problem. But from two weeks the software was not work very well. I have used it on two monitors ( one normal and one wacom cintiq 15’ ) When I usually draw I put the “stage view” on the cintiq tablet. And when I wanted to return the origianal workspace, and put the „restore default workplace” and the software run down.
I attached the PrtScr pictures from this.

First time I thought that, the problem is caused by an old machine . I have the other one new, and I install it to new one ( I used the your webside, reinstall the software, and the licence key too. Install the original exe file to the new computer, used the lisence key. ) The software is started , but the problem was the same!

Some times when I change the „drawing worksplace” to the „time line worksplace” or overview worksplace to the „ timeline worksplace” on the one monitor, the problem is the same .
Attached: toonboom_problem_02.

What is caused this problems?

Try deleting or renaming your preferences folder while the software is closed.
Something might have corrupted them.

You can find them here: C:\Users[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

Thanks your answer!

I tryed it, but the problem the same!
Do you have the other idea?

Contact support to have a look on the system.
If the problem isn’t resolved by removing the preferences,
it’s likely some display problem with the graphic card.

Strange though that the same thing would happen on two
different computers. Are you certain the software was closed
when you deleted the preferences folder?